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About Spree3d - The Face of The Metaverse


Spree3D is the brainchild of Bob Davidson- a pioneer in digital entertainment (launched “World of Warcraft”) and Lisa Park – a global fashion entrepreneur. Our vision is to make fabulous fashion available to everyone.

Spree3D provides an entirely new way to experience fashion. Content creators at any level can rapidly craft fantasy videos, showcasing their virtual fashionista wearing digital fashion.

Dubbles™, the first on-demand consumer for digital fashion

A key element of market creation for digital fashion is populating the metaverse with lifelike personas that can wear it. Spree3D allows users to automatically create their digital Dubble, a dimensionally accurate, photorealistic, and animatable avatar. With our tap2wear™ technology, Dubbles can instantly wear digital fashion within video experiences- making digital fashion available to everyone.

Ready-to-wear Digital Fashion

We are pioneering a whole new category of digital fashion- high fidelity garments with digital textures, wearable by true-to-life avatars, and showcased in a fantastical fashion metaverse.

“Going Digital”

By architecting Spree3D to be photorealistic, our agenda is to both compliment IRL (in real life) fashion and offer designers a channel for pure-play digital fashion. By going digital, you can automate engagement for your fashion experiences (between brands, creators, and customers).

Moreover, Spree3D can turbocharge sustainability initiatives whether you are “all-in” or optimizing specific pain points. For example, digital fashion with hyper-real fashionistas instantly turns wardrobing into a powerful marketing tool.

Don’t be on the outside of content, be in it.

Revolutionize engagement, with “wearable” posts. With just a few clicks, fans can experience your fashion and create their own magically real videos.

Our Executive Team

Lisa Park

Founder & Chairman of the Board
Lisa is an artist, graphic illustrator, and fashion designer with over 35 years experience in all facets of the fashion industry. She started her career as a designer in global fashion markets including Buenos Aires, New York, Los Angeles, and Barcelona. She has worked as a fashion consultant for leading brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gloria Vanderbilt, Fiorucci, Jordache, and Encuentro Moda and served as Director of Design for Walmart

Bob Davidson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Bob (BSChE, JD, MBA) is a businessman who has functioned as a patent lawyer, corporate lawyer, Executive VP, CEO, and Chairman in NASDAQ and NYSE companies. He was a founder and owner of Davidson & Associates (NASDAQ), who purchased a small developer that grew to be Blizzard Entertainment. He was the Davidson Institute for Talent Development founder who serves the nation's profoundly gifted students, including the Davidson Academy, the US's #1 academic high school. He has served on numerous other private, public and charitable boards.

Gil Spencer

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Gil has created world class products, teams and companies. He has participated in every phase of the technology industry for both consumer and enterprise products over the last 30 years including roles at startups and larger companies such as Apple and AT&T. Gil has consistently built cutting edge technology, integrating low level hardware and embedded firmware with applications and hyper scalable cloud services. He holds 11 patents in security and system design. Gil was founder and held roles as CTO and VP of Engineering at IronKey through acquisitions by Imation and Proofpoint. Gil has served as an EIR, strategic advisor and board member. Gil is an avid mountain biker, skier, and wilderness adventurer with a newly found passion for wake surfing.

Eric Rubin

Chief Operating Officer
Eric has spent over 30 years in the technology industry. His expertise is in software sales and business development. He was an early mover in the cloud in 1999 with WebEx, and helped design some of the predominant BD models for SaaS partnerships. He has held leadership roles in in a broad array of disciplines including; Cloud, APIs, CAD, Collaboration, and Middleware. Most recently he was founder and CEO of DreamFactory, an innovative API automation platform company that was privately acquired. Eric has passions for skiing, mountain biking, blues guitar and wood-working.


Chief Squirrel Chaser
Happy is in charge of snacking and napping. If he did actually catch a squirrel we are curious to see what he would do with it.
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